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Discount Coupon / Gift Vouchers

What is a discount coupon / voucher gift ?
The discount coupon / voucher this is an alpha numeric code that when shopping in our virtual store entitles the customer to receive a discount, when you are choosing the form of payment.

How do I receive a coupon?
The iPerfumes constantly prepares various deals to provide you with the purchase of products with more competitive prices.

To receive our e-mails with promotional products in exclusive offers by email, you should enter "Newsletter" or make a record.

How to use a discount coupon or promotional code?
1º Step
Choose your favorite jewelry, click on the picture for better details and click the BUY button to add to your shopping cart.

2º Step
Page of your shopping cart to complete your request click the Finish button.

3º Step
On the next page you will have 2 options to choose New Client or Customer:
- New Customer: Click the Continue button and complete your registration to facilitate their future purchases and where you can check the history of their past purchases.
- Client: Enter your email and password to register and click the Continue button if you do not remember your password, click Remember Password.

4º Step
You will be redirected to the delivery information page, select an option and Click Continue.

5º Step
On the next page you'll choose your form of payment and enter your discount coupon or promotional code, after choosing an option, click the Continue button.

6º Step
You will be redirected to the confirmation page of your purchase getting your discount coupon or promotional code, make your request and click the Continue button to complete your purchase.

Important Information

1) The discount coupon / This Valley is the date?
Discount coupon / This Valley has the expiration date. After the expiry date, our system will not accept the discount coupon. Stay tuned.

2) Can I use the same coupon in more than one application?
The discount coupon / valley current can be used in a single application. The system will not accept the same coupon twice, after use, it automatically loses its validity.

3) If you have more of a discount coupon / valley current, I can use them in a single application?
The discount coupon / This Valley is not cumulative. You can only use one discount coupon / Valley by current application.

4) Can I use the remainder of the credit discount coupon / valley current in a new bid, if my request has a value below the value of the coupon?
If you close a purchase with a total value of products below the discount coupon / valley current, no claim regarding the remaining value. This discount is offered for a unique opportunity in our store.

5) the number of lost my coupon. Can I request your reference?
Upon receipt of a discount coupon / valley current, the customer is responsible for their use, handling and care. This means that if the lose or delete the message containing the coupon, you can not redeem the discount lost or replace it with other discount coupon.

6) If you need to request cancellation of the application which used a discount coupon / valley current, can request a refund of this coupon?
In case of cancellation, there will be the return of a new discount coupon / valley current under any circumstances. Only one discount coupon resend / Present Valley if your request is canceled by the impossibility of restoring the stock to one of our products in their purchase.

7) The discount coupon / It covers the current rate of service delivery?
The delivery service is charged fully with requests for Discount Coupon / Gift Vale as this type of discount is calculated only on the value of the products chosen.

8) The discount coupon / It covers the current charge for this package from?
The discount coupon / It is not killing the current value of the "gift-wrap "if this option is chosen.

09) Can i exchange the Gift Voucher for Cash ?
The Gift Voucher can not be exchanged for cash, can only be used to order in the virtual store.
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