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The is an e-commerce company that brings you the beauty and fragrance products imported. All products displayed in our shop are 100% original brand names. Only sell original brands of perfumes, colognes and beauty products. 100% original sent directly from the United States.

Aiming to capture the market of electronic commerce and establish itself as the best sales site. It uses processes and technologies in management for the delivery of products with speed and security.


Faithfully respecting the principles of QUALITY, VARIETY and GUARANTEE our commitment to you is to provide an agile, secure and at the best price.
Value yours employees, customers and suppliers.
Concentrate efforts on seeking what the novelty, for technology trends in national and international markets.


Investing in development work and strategy to achieve the success of our organization.
Be a world class quality and service.
Being recognized as an innovator.
Being the best in your products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Future vision

Sustainability - Quality, innovation and results
Quality - in products and services
Innovation - in products, processes and management
Outcome - to ensure the expansion and sustainability


- People
- Respect, discipline, organization, ethics and transparency
- Relationships
- Social and Environmental Responsibility
- Innovation and Excellence
- Results
- Passion / Love
- Quality

Feel free to contact us.

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