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Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Affiliate Program!

How it works
With the Affiliate Program you can generate real profits for your site. It is very simple. Do you offer our products to your audience through banners, gifts, links and other actions on your page. Every sale billed done through this channel, you earn a commission.
Your business becomes more competitive and profitable. You can choose which products or categories or exposed, according to the profile of its audience, which further increases their earnings.
The image of your business will be linked to better e-commerce company in Brazil.

1. His audience visits your site
2. Find offers related to your content
3. Click on the bid and purchase products
4. You are paid on the sale

Join now.

What do I get?
The percentage of the commission is 5%

Every time your commission reaches the minimum of $ 25.00, you will automatically receive their commissions in the current account registered. You can track your sales and your commission through reports at any time.

Check out other advantages of being an Affiliate:

You gain support in marketing and sales
The Online Store offers the latest releases and products appropriate to your audience and you participate in all our promotional activities.

You gain competitive advantage
With established brand, the Online Store can make your site a reference point on the Internet. Your audience will find interesting products and promotions on your page and increase the visibility of your business.

You get in convenience
In the Virtual Store you choose what your audience will see. You can set up displays of products or categories that matter most to your business. We offer technology and flexibility for you to create fully customized actions.

You get much more
Return on sales, credibility, convenience, convenience ... All these advantages and many others contribute to make your business become more robust, competitive and profitable. Become an Affiliate.

Join now.

How to be an affiliate?
Follow the instructions step by step and is an affiliate.

Step 1
Read our Terms of Accession to the Affiliate Program. If you do not have any questions or objections, select the "Click here to indicate you have read and agree to the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions" Complete the Online Registration Form. and click "Continue".

Step 2
After registering, you receive an email confirming that your registration was received. Wait for the next email after reviewing your site for the Program.

Step 3
You will receive an email with the approval of your registration code and password and Affiliate.

Step 4
Join the Affiliate Program page, enter your affiliate code and password and select the banners or products, according to the contents of your site.

Join now.

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