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Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

• What is Affiliate Program?
With the Affiliate Program you can generate real profits for your site. Do you offer our products to your audience through banners, gifts, links and other actions on your page. Every sale billed done through this channel, you earn a commission.

• Who can become an Affiliate?
Any person or entity may be an affiliate. For this, you must have a website or blog in accordance with the rules for approval and make your registration in the program. You also need to have a checking account in your name.

• How do I participate?
To join the program and become an Affiliate, you need to make the registration of your site in the program. After registering, you receive an email confirmation of registration. Wait for an email with the approval and information for your login: Affiliate code and password. With this information, you can access the area and know the Affiliate Disclosure Tools for use on your website.

• What responsibilities will I have as Affiliate?
As Affiliate you will be responsible for the content featured on your own website and will make sure of the correct use and operation of the links to the Virtual Store. You should respect the policies of the Virtual Store, which appear in the rules for approval in Adhesion.

• I will have some cost to be an Affiliate?
No, there is no cost to be an Affiliate. Plus, you can request its removal from the program at any time.

• How do I earn being an affiliate?
The percentage of the commission is 5%

• How are my sales tracked?
By registering for the Program, you will receive an affiliate code and password. This code must appear on all affiliate links that redirect the Virtual Store, according to the instructions on each tool Disclosure. Through the Affiliate code, the system tracks the entire buying process, from the moment the client enters the Online Store through your site until the closing of the purchase order

• How can I monitor my sales?
In your Affiliate Area, you will have access to Sales Reports, Commissions and Payments, enabling monitor orders, the committee generated and the payments to which you are entitled.

• Can I buy through my own site?
You can purchase through your own website as a customer. His committee is normally generated.

• Can I participate in the program without having a bank account?
The payment of their commissions will be made by bank deposit. Thus, it is really necessary that you have a checking account in your name.

• Can I register for sites hosted in other countries?
Yes, provided that the personal responsibility of the site are registered in Brazil. You must have an address and bank account in Brazil.

Can I disclose my • Affiliate Code on another site?
No. You must hold a record for each site that is disclosing the Virtual Store. Besides being necessary to the adoption of the program site, so you will have more than one affiliate code to better track results and performance in each of the sites.

• I am a minor, can I join the Affiliate Program?
Yes, you must have CPF and the current account in your name. If not, you can place your own contact information as phone and email. However, the name and bank details must be registered responsible person of age (may be parent, brother, etc.).. Remember that all the banking information, name and CPF / CNPJ, must match the account holder is registered. Do not forget to send the documents for that person to register with the Payment System.

• I am a foreigner, can I join the Affiliate Program?
If you have documents and bank account in Brazil, will join the Affiliate Program normally. If you do not have account or document Brazilians, please make the registration in the name of someone you trust, putting only the e-mail contact on your behalf if you wish.

• Did not receive email from the Affiliate Program, what do I do?
Check your e-mail server, where to send the emails is not configured or blocked as spam. Always keep your registration information updated, especially your e-mail.

• What is the minimum value of sales to remain in an Affiliate Program?
R $ 50.00 in sales.

Registration and Approval Site

• How do I know if my site was approved?
When you finish registering, you will receive an email confirmation of registration. Your site will be submitted for evaluation and you will receive an approval email with your details to log in to Affiliate Area. The approval process takes, on average, up to 5 working days.

• What are the criteria for approval of my site?
Your site should be up and running by the URL registered in the program, because construction sites are not approved. The site should provide some content, not just banner ads. Nor should offer download of books, movies, music, games, software or other material protected by copyright. Still, will not be approved sites that are at odds with the Program Policies, among them sites promoting any material, images or content that

 - Promote any pornographic material;
 - Promote or encourage any form of violence;
 - Promote or encourage any form of discrimination, whether racial, sexual, social, religious, age, nationality;
 - Promote illegal activities;
 - Violate copyright or intellectual property.

• I need to modify the aesthetic appearance or layout of my site?
No, because the Affiliate Program offers a variety of formats Disclosure Tools for you to choose the best suited to the layout of your site.

• Can I have more than one site enrolled in the program?
Yes, you must make a new account for each new site you want included in the Affiliate Program. Already register in the payments system is unique to your Tax ID, regardless of which site is registered.

• Can I change the URL of my site registered?
Yes For this you must use the Contact Us by selecting Change URL on the form. The new URL will be submitted for approval before being amended.

• My site is not yet in the air. Can I sign it anyway?
You need to have a site online to pass the Affiliate Program. Sites which are incomplete or under construction are not approved.

• My site was not approved. And now?
If your site has failed the Affiliate Program, see the Program Policies are available in this Help and Adhesion. You can tailor your site to the Policy and make a new account. We point out that your site must be ready and functioning normally, because we do not pass on construction sites.

Dissemination Tools

• What is an Institutional Banner?
Banner Institutional is a piece in GIF, available in several formats. These banners are recommended for those who want to advertise the entire category of products, not just one specific product or promotion. You can also find pieces with only the logo of the Virtual Store, featuring a great performance, and signal that your site is an affiliate.

• What is a Custom Link?
You can create a custom link to any product. It is a flexible and advertising that fits your site's content. You can create links to the profile of your audience and make them available on your page as you see fit, improving their results. We recommend that prices are not disclosed in this kind of advertising, due to the dynamic update them. To learn how to create Custom Links, go to your Affiliate Area.

• How long can I advertise a product or Banner?
When advertising a banner campaign or any specific product offered by the Affiliate Program, you must stay alert to the expiration date, which is communicated in the program. Banners Some, like Rotary, is not valid, as are updated automatically by the program. If you are publishing a custom link to any product which has built yourself, you must constantly check product availability. We recommend that prices are not disclosed in this kind of advertising, due to the dynamic updating of pages.

• How many links and banners can I use?
There are no restrictions on the number of banners served. Make a schedule according to their sales target and with the content and format of your site. For looks, we recommend only that are not placed several banners stuck, with no separation between them.

• Can I use pictures of products?
You can use the photo of the product page of the Online Store, Online Store for ads. But remember that your upgrade is the responsibility of the Affiliate

• Can I disclose the prices of products?
For large momentum in the update of prices of products daily, we recommend that the prices are not disclosed because we are not responsible for the dissemination of wrong prices on Affiliate sites.

• Can I create my own banners?
No. Because the patterns of use of the logo and its attributes, is prohibited the creation of other banners, as well as amendment of Banners available in the Affiliate Program.

• How do I insert a Banner Affiliate Program on my site?
Use your login information (affiliate code and password) to access the Affiliate Area. In the Affiliate Area, find the tool on Disclosure in the format that best fits your site. Follow the instructions on the page of the chosen tool to insert the material into your site.

• If I advertise a product and the customer buys another, I earn commission?
Yes, the sale is computed by the presence of your affiliate code in the link that brought the client to Virtual Store. Thereafter, all navigation is screened and generate commission for you, regardless of the product purchased.

• What is a Tag?
A tag is a programming code generated by the Affiliate Program that contains the instructions to view the chosen banner on your site. Copy the tag exactly as it appears and insert in the body of your website (HTML format), where you want the piece. Most of the tags generated by the Affiliate Program now contains your code (Affiliate) required to track your purchase. See the information on each tool Disclosure.

• My site is in Flash, I insert Banners?
Currently our system only provides for publication in Gif banners. If in future we free flash banners, we will communicate to all Affiliates.


• What is the procedure to get paid?
They are two different procedures for Individuals and Corporations:
- Individuals: Payment is done until the last day of the month following the month in which the committee has been generated automatically when you reach the minimum value of $ 25.00 in commissions. However, you should be with your bank details correctly filled in your registration and updated to ensure that your payment is returned by the bank.
- Legal Entity: Before receiving your payment, you must be registered in the Payments System. Registration is done only once, in the name of the person responsible for the site account. If you have already submitted their documents for registration in the Payment System, you only need to send your monthly invoice, when the committee is to receive greater than $ 50.00. See more about how to send the invoice in the next topics. At the beginning of each month, we send an email with payment instructions for all Affiliates Corporations with higher commission to $ 25.00. Check your e-mail server so that this sender is not blocked.

• What is the Payments System?
The Payment System is the system used to process any payments to the company that are made to other companies, efficiently and safely. Any supplier or Affiliated Corporations to be paid by the Virtual Store need to be registered in the Payments System.

• Why should I send my documents to register?
Tax legislation in force stipulates that the contractors of companies providing services can be co-responsible for certain actions of your partners and suppliers. Thus, the request for documents is guaranteed to keep our database consistent with all laws. We stress that these documents are important to ensure that the Virtual Store always works with reputable suppliers, avoiding tax problems both for themselves and for their partners.

• If I send documents for payment of the commission of one of my sites, I need to send them again if you pay another?
No. If all entries are in your name, you can simply send us the documents to register once.

• What is the minimum amount for payment?
$ 50.00. Once achieved this goal, the payment is made until the last day of the month following the month in which the commission was generated automatically in case of Affiliated Individual. In the case of Affiliated Corporations who are already enrolled in the Payment System, you must submit your invoice for payment. At the beginning of each month, we send an email with payment instructions for all Affiliates Legal Entities with the committee to receive. Check your e-mail server so that this sender is not blocked. Keep your registration information current.

• The minimum balance to receive is the sum of all my sites registered?
No, this should be achieved for each registered site. Payments are by individual URL and should be sent an invoice (legal entity) for each site.

• How to query the value that I receive?
You can see its value to be received on its Report of Payments. In the last line of the column Total Receivables now appears the value added of all pending commissions. The last column value Total Receivables now is the total amount you have to receive. To learn more, see Report of Payments.

• How is effected payment of the commission?
Affiliate Payment is made through bank deposit in the current account indicated in your registration. The current account should be in charge of the site's name. Are not made payments on accounts of others. If there is any change in current account, you must update this information in your registration to prevent your payment is returned by the bank. Warning:
when payment is returned, your commission is retained and is accumulated for the next month, so be sure to update your account and make sure that the bank details are spelled correctly.

• When it is done the payment of commission?
The payment is made until the last day of the month following the sales were made.

• Do I have an account?
Yes, the payment is made only in the current account registered on behalf of the Affiliate Program. There are deposits held in savings account.

• Can I use savings account?
No, only checking account. The Banking System in payment batch does not specify the type of account. Thus, the receiving bank returns on savings account deposits.

• I need to send Invoice?
Only firms, or corporations are required to send Invoice. For individuals, it is not necessary to send the documents.

• Where I follow my results and how it is done calculating the value generated by my site?
You can track the amount of your monthly commission, in its Report of Payments. To track the value of their sales during the month, you can consult your Sales Report. The commission is calculated according to the product category sold for applications billed as the table of the program committee.

• Did not receive my payment. What should I do?
First, check your bank details are updated and correctly filled in your registration. If you are Corporations, verify that the documents already submitted for registration in the Payments System and its invoice within the period stipulated in the email with payment instructions. If your payment was not made on time, send us an email we will analyze the cause of the delay.


• What is Sales Report?
In this report you can track sales billed per month and the calculation of your commission. You can learn what products were sold in each category.

• How often do my Sales Report is updated?
The updates of the reports are not online. Sales may take up to 72 hours to appear on the Sales Report, after the billing request. The billing period for the application, depends on the form of payment used by the client.

• What does the status "no billed"?
The request may appear with the Status Not Billed for a few reasons:
- Payment is not finalized (the slip has not been repaid);
- Credit card not approved by the Administrator;
- Item sold out;
- Item canceled;

When you see the Status Not Billed, the committee will not be generated. The commission Affiliate Program refers only to the sale of products billed.


• Can I disclose the prices of products?
For large dynamics in updating pages of products, we recommend that the prices are not disclosed because we are not responsible for the dissemination of wrong prices on Affiliate sites.

• Can automatically open the Virtual Store? (Can I create a redirect to the site's Online Store?)
No. The automatic opening of the shop and strategies as Open Win, Win Exit are not allowed. Automatically redirect any link to the Virtual Store with your affiliate code without the user click on an advertisement may lead to cancellation of your participation in the program.

• Can I advertise my affiliate link in search engines like Google?
No. It is considered extremely serious failure to use the link with your affiliate code in search engines, search sites, portals, price comparators, Internet communities, and sponsorship of words, like Google, Orkut, Facebook, RSS, Yahoo, among others . You will be subject to exclusion from the Affiliate Program and his committee may be retained. Your affiliate code should only be disclosed on links within your site approved.

• Can I create my own banners?
No. Because the patterns of use of the logo and its attributes, is prohibited the creation of other banners, as well as amendment of Banners available in the Affiliate Program.

• Can I spread the pieces on other sites?
No. For disclosure of any material in a new URL is necessary to conduct another register, for this site to go through the approval of the Affiliate Program. Each code Adilio is intended only to registered URL. The use of code Adilio on another site, even though both are enrolled in the program.

• Discount Coupons Can I promote my site?
No. The coupons are for exclusive distribution partnerships to which they relate. Discount Coupons The only authorized for use by Affiliates are available in the Revolving Banner, when appropriate, and should only be disclosed together with the Revolving Banner. The distribution of discount coupons without permission is considered very serious offense and causes the deletion of the Affiliate Program, withholding of commissions due and possibly ban on new registration in the program. To learn more, please read the Terms of Accession.


• The Virtual Store divulge my site?
For a number of technical issues and trade, the Affiliate Program does not contemplate this possibility.

• It is possible the cancellation of my registration without notice?
Yes, if the Affiliate breaches any terms of the Deed of Policy or the Site or the Program, will be subject to exclusion from the Affiliate Program without notice. If the partnership is not profitable for both parties, the site also will be subject to exclusion.

• How do I change my registration information?
It is important to keep your registration information current. Changes can be made to your Affiliate Area, Update My Data.

• Can I join other Affiliate Programs?
The Online Store has no restrictions on this.

Glossary and Nomenclature

Uniform Resource Locator, in Portuguese Uniform Resource Locator, the URL is the address of a website.

• Affiliate
It is the partner of the Virtual Store, a site responsible for participating in the Affiliate Program.

HyperText Markup Language, or Hypertext Markup Language is the language used to produce Web pages that can be read by browsers (browser).

• Tag
It is the command code used to insert banners on your site.

• Rotating Banner
It is a banner with automatic update from the Affiliate Program. Once inserted the tags on your site, management of the banner is made by the program.

• Open Win
Is the name of a resource used to open another site in a new window when the user accesses a particular URL

• Win Exit
Is the name of a resource used to open another site in a new window when the user closes certain site

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